Wireless hotspot Oppo R15x | And how to use WiFi faster internet WiFi

Wireless hotspot Oppo R15x: Today I will discuss wifi hotspot setup of Oppo R15x. Why setup wifi hotspot configures in Oppo R15x. and after hotspot set up in Oppo R15x, then what can you do with the hotspot? Currently, All most mobile user need wifi internet without SIM data use, that means you can use internet data without SIM in your Oppo R15x. You can setup hotspot in Oppo R15x for resolved your other mobile wifi supply. When you see FRP lock in another mobile you can reset FRP lock with your Oppo R15x hotspot wifi data. You can provide internet data access from Oppo R15x device to another mobile wifi supported device. If you want to use wifi internet data in Oppo R15x, from other hotspot device or from a router you can use. I think you should learn it how to setup Hotspot and how to use wifi in your Oppo R15x. Wifi hotspot is very useful internet data for all mobile user and another internet user, So now I will show you how to setup wifi and hotspot set up in your Oppo R15x see step by step.

Wireless hotspot Oppo R15x
Wireless hotspot Oppo R15x

How to Wireless hotspot Oppo R15x in 100% save mode

About Oppo R15x specification

Wireless hotspot Oppo R15x: The Oppo R15x release in 2018 in November. Oppo R15xnetwork supported GSM/CDMA/HSPA/LTE, Dual SIM supported. And Oppo R15x display is super AMOLED 16 m color capacitive touchscreen. The Oppo R15x os is 8.1 oreo. Memory Internal 128 GB RAM and 6GB. Oppo R15x Hotspot and Wi-Fi or Bluetooth are available.and also Oppo R15x Battery non-remove able Li-on 3600 mAh battery. Oppo R15x Camera secondary 16/2 MP and front side 20 MP f/2.0 LED auto flashlight. The Oppo R15x color is Silver Green, Nebula.

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By wifi hotspot, Oppo R15x, What works that are done more

Wireless hotspot Oppo R15x: There are many devices in which the SIM does not support, then you can turn on Oppo R15x hotspot and from another device turn on wifi for use internet data. And when you update any mobile device, wifi internet is best, that time turn on Oppo R15x hotspot device and from other mobile turns on wifi witch mobile you want to update. Wifi internet data is very safe for all update any mobile device or download any firmware file. If you look FRP lock after hard reset your Oppo R15x, Then you can remove the FRP lock by use wifi internet no need pc or laptop. After you turn on the hotspot on your Oppo R15x, you can provide the internet data to any other device. After turn on Oppo R15x hotspot, you can use wifi internet data from other any device such as PC, Laptop, tab, mac, or any wifi internet supported device.

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Before turn on or configure Wireless hotspot Oppo R15x

  1. Go to Oppo R15x main menu
  2. After that go to Oppo R15x settings option
  3. And then tap Dual SIM & cellular 
  4. Now tap SIM1
  5. Preferred network type tap 4G/3G/2G (auto)
  6. And then tap Acces point name
  7. Now tap on PLUS + icon from upside right corner
  8. And the tap on Name and type internet
  9. Now tap on APN and type internet
  10. And now tap on SAVE on upside right corner
  11. Now turn on mobile data
  12. You are DONE

How to setup and configuration Wireless hotspot Oppo R15x

Wireless hotspot Oppo R15x: Now see how to set up hotspot configure on your Oppo R15x. Because without configure hotspot you Oppo R15x, you can not use the hotspot. Note: when you turn on your Oppo R15x hotspot that time must turn off your mobile wi-fi. Other ways, your Oppo R15x hotspot not working.

  1. First turn on your Oppo R15x press by the power button.
  2. After that go to the Oppo R15x main menu.
  3. Then Touch settings option.
  4. Now touch the Other wireless connections option.

    Hotspot wifi oppo
    Hotspot wifi oppo
  5. After that touch Personal hotspot option
  6. Then touch the Name and password settings option.
  7. After that, you can type a mane in the name box after that select WPA2 PSK from security option and then give the password minimum 8 characters.
  8. And then touch ok.
  9. Now in turn on your mobile hotspot touch to Enable your personal hotspot.

How to Wifi use in Oppo R15x

  1. First, go to Oppo R15x  main menu
  2. And then tap Settings
  3. Now tap on WIFI
  4. And then tap Enable WIFI turn on it
  5. Now there you see search hotspot device name tap it if want password give the password
  6. You see if connected then you can use wifi internet from Oppo R15x
  7. Now you are DONE

How to use one mobile hotspot, Use on another mobile

For this, first, you run the hotspot of your Oppo R15x and internet data and keep your mobile Wi-Fi off. Then turn on the wi-fi of the other mobile. After launching WiFi, your mobile can find the hotspot device. Then connect it and after connecting you can use the internet from your other mobile.

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