How to setup Wifi hotspot Oppo A83, easy configuration

How to setup Wifi hotspot Oppo A83 is the best internet sharing from one device to other devices. When you want to use the internet without SIM then need hotspot setup. Such as you have two mobile, now your one mobile have internet data, but you want to use the internet to other devices. That way you need the first hotspot set up in your mobile in which you are using internet data. After setup hotspot now turns on hotspot from your mobile. After that now turn on your mobile wifi from another mobile if your mobile finds out your hotspot device then you can connect your mobile to wifi data. If your mobile is connected to wifi then you can use the internet from other devices.

Why need Wifi hotspot Oppo A83

Hotspot wifi internet sharing is very important part of every internet device. Because sometimes we have to need to update our mobile that time needs wifi hotspots internet sharing to update your mobile. Because without wifi hotspots data sharing it is very risky to update your mobile. When your updating your mobile with SIM data using sometimes the internet dropping if update time data dropping your mobile will dead forever. And also when your mobile is locked with FRP lock then must need wifi internet.


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How to set up hotspot

Easily Hotspot setup manually. follow hotspots solution from below.

  1. First, you go to settings option.
  2. Now Tap on more.
  3. Then Tap Tethering & Portable Hotspot.
  4. Now Tap Setup wifi Hotspot.
  5. Then type a password.
  6. After that tap OK.
  7. Now for active your hotspot go to Portable Hotspot toggle and then turn on.
  8. If you want to off the hotspot then again goto Portable Hotspot toggle and then turn off.

How to use this

First, you set up your mobile hotspot. Turn on your Oppo A83 hotspot. After that turn on your mobile internet data. Now you can wifi turn on from other devices. Which mobile want to use the internet wifi? After turn on your other device wifi turn on then, your device will search the hotspot device if find out the device you connect wifi internet with the hotspot device. If your device is wifi connected then you can use internet from wifi device.

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Why the internet wifi hotspot is very important

For every internet user need wifi hotspots for data sharing. Most of the time we are using internet for watching a youtube video, or playing internet gaming,  for updating your mobile device, Need download and software, for remove FRP lock from your mobile, same most of the work finished by the internet. But I want to talk about internet wifi hotspot. Because hotspots is very faster data sharing way and no dropping your internet. Hotspots are any internet user can use from one hotspot device to many wifi internet users. So now you can try to setup and use the data sharing internet.

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