Wifi hotspot LG Zone 4

Wifi hotspot LG Zone 4 – Hotspot Configuration setup local area network

Wifi hotspot LG Zone 4: Thanks – Hotspot means a wireless connection between two devices. First turn on hotspot from a phone after that turn on Wi-Fi from another mobile then you can share network and data from your hotspot mobile to another mobile. Hotspot is very important part of internet data sharing. You can internet share from a hotspot device to many multiple devices. That means, from a hotspot device, many internet users can use the internet together. Wifi hotspot data sharing is very speedup from the faster cable modem. That’s way every mobile or internet user like this way. Some of the mobile or other devices has no SIM card slot or without SIM card device how you active internet must need hotspot connection, that means need a local area network. So I think hotspot is batter for wireless data sharing and it is the best way for every internet user.

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Hotspot is required for witch work [Wifi hotspot LG Zone 4]

Yes, we have a lot of work for which, we must have a hotspot connection requirement. For example, if you use mobile, then WiFi hotspot is risk-free for giving your mobile update. We have seen a lot of times, after giving hard reset a mobile, the problem of FRP lock. You can reset the FRP lock from your mobile by wifi hotspot. After the hard reset, your iPhone needs wifi hotspot for active the phone. If you have many printers you can easily print to wifi hotspot connection. Because of cable-free and nice and clean place. (Wifi hotspot LG Zone 4)

Wifi hotspot LG Zone 4
Wifi hotspot LG Zone 4

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How to configure Wifi hotspot LG Zone 4

Now I will show you how to configure hotspot set up in your LG Zone 4. See from bellow step by step:-

  1. First turn on your mobile press by the power button.
  2. From the mobile main menu go to setting option.
  3. Before turn on Hotspot must turn off Wi-Fi on your mobile.
  4. Now touch more.
  5. After that Touch Mobile Hotspot switch again Touch enable or disable.
  6. If showing any massage Touch yes.
  7. And from notification touch OK.

Now How to turn off hotspot from your mobile

After turn on your mobile hotspot if you want to turn off hotspot follow next step from below.

  1. Now got to mobile setting option.
  2. Touch more.
  3. Now touch Mobile Hotspot switch then you can enable or disable by touch and sliding.
  4. Now you successful.

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How to Use wifi hotspot

It is very easy you can easily use the wifi hotspot data sharing. First, you turn on hotspot from your Wifi hotspot LG Zone 4  with internet data connection. After that from the other mobile or another device turn on the Wi-Fi connection. After turn on Wi-Fi connection now your device will search the hotspot device when finding out the hotspot device

now should be connected to the hotspot device. After connecting your device to hotspot device now you can use the internet and work from your Wi-Fi device. ( Note: when you connecting time your device to hotspot to Wi-Fi there need password code for connected your device. Thanks for your time wasted here.

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