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Lite Regal International

Lite Regal Education is an educational company passionate about education that includes Lite Regal International College and Lite Regal Education. It has a gloriously rich history In 1993, Milan Lebloch founded this Institute. Lite Regal International School has one branch located at Berkeley Square Mayfair  London. And another branch is located in Cambridge, UK. The … Read more

Lite Regal International College SUMMER SCHOOL LONDON 2020

SUMMER SCHOOL LONDON The Light Regal International collage

London, America, wherever I go to study and study is the main, and then I have to first find out about quality institutions. Admission to a good quality institution makes it easier to get a visa in addition to reading advanced writing. In the current cyber age, where you will get all the details of … Read more

American university best university of USA and how to apply for admission

American university

American University: This is a privet university in Washington D.C United state of America. Its the main campus is located near Ward Circle in the northwestern part of Columbia District. On February 24, 1893, created a university that’s named “American University” was formed by a Congress law, that time the bill was approved by President Benjamin Harrison. Now let’s … Read more