Root OnePlus 6 | Root without PC and with PC all solution One click root

Root OnePlus 6: See how to root your OnePlus 6. Now learn how to root OnePlus 6. Why root your mobile and why important it. Now you see what problem you can fix after root your OnePlus 6. Witch problem you can solve by root. With root your OnePlus 6 you can fix IME and baseband. You can changer the OnePlus 6 version after rooted yours mobile and also you can edit the system code. And also you can remove all mobile virus after root your OnePlus 6 by miracle free tool. After root your OnePlus 6 you can use your mobile as a superuser.

After root your OnePlus 6 you can recover all Wifi password. After rooting your OnePlus 6 you can hack any wifi router password. After root, your OnePlus 6 will support mouse and OTG pen drive or OTG cable. IF you are looking your OnePlus 6 rooting fail then again try to see where you mistake if you are missing some of the things then root will fail.

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Before Root OnePlus 6

Before root your OnePlus 6 mobile you have to careful. Need mobile battery 80%  Charge, and also need a USB cable. Need OnePlus 6 USB driver after Download USB driver and then install it in your computer. If you want to root your OnePlus 6 with PC. Without USB driver your OnePlus 6 not recognizes PC.  Before root, your OnePlus 6 needs hard reset your mobile. Without hard reset maybe your OnePlus 6 may be root will fail.

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Download OnePlus 6 USB driver

How to Root OnePlus 6 with mobile

Now see how you can root your mobile with mobile.

  1. First turn on OnePlus 6 press power button
  2. After turn on your, OnePlus 6 connect internet data connection
  3. Downloads Kingoroot APK and  after download install it in your OnePlus 6
  4. After installing Kingoroot lunch it
  5. Touch One Click Root 
  6. After that, wait for 100% complete

    Root Huawei Honor 9i
    Root start
  7. See successful message after root complete check root
  8. For root chack download root checker install it in your OnePlus 6
  9. After installing root checker lunch it then sees rooted or not.

How to root OnePlus 6 with PC

Very easily you can root your OnePlus 6 with pc. See all steps from below

  1. First Download OnePlus 6 USB driver after downloading the driver then install it in PC.
  2.  power on your mobile and need 80% charge
  3. And then turn on internet connection in your PC
  4. First Download Knogoroot for PC Click here to download
  5. After that download Kingoroot after that install it in your pc
  6. After installing Kingoroot, lunch the Kingoroot
  7. Now go to your OnePlus 6 setting option and enable USB Debugging Mode.
  8. Now connect your mobile With original USB cable
  9. If your OnePlus 6 is connected with PC click Root
  10. Then take 100% finish time.
  11. Now you will see a successful message

    Root Huawei Honor 9i
  12. After that, you can check your OnePlus 6 root with super User Download Super User.

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