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Lite Regal Education is an educational company passionate about education that includes Lite Regal International College and Lite Regal Education. It has a gloriously rich history In 1993, Milan Lebloch founded this Institute. Lite Regal International School has one branch located at Berkeley Square Mayfair  London. And another branch is located in Cambridge, UK. The College runs English Courses for Students from Cambridge Intensive Beginners  English to Advanced level.  It runs Easter A level and IGCSE Revision Courses every year for students looking to increase their A-Level and IGCSE grades during this important exam period.Lite Regal International College


Lite Regal has a well-reputed Summer School that allows international Students aged 10-24 years old rom around the world to come together and make friends.

They will have an educational and cultural tour unrivaled by any other Summer School. Lite Regal Summer School has over 30+ inspirational Courses from Engineering, Medicine Preparation, Business Studies, and Creative Writing. The courses allow students each year to live and learn within one of the world’s leading universities.Lite Regal International


Each year courses are held at London University UCL and also Cambridge University. Students from over 80+ countries attend the Summer School each year and to their taster courses. Students tend to come from International Schools – from all over the world and maybe attending an IB Course, IGCSE or A Level or similar syllabus. It is a unique Summer School that attracts students from every corner of the globe. Students from Russia, China, Brazil, Panama, Israel, Lebanon, France, Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Spain, America, and others attend the Summer School.


Lite Regal Students relaxing and making friends punting down the River Cam in Cambridge

Some 200+ students attend each session and courses are available from June to the end of August.

LiteRegal International College is a very famous and highly qualified Institute in the world. It has a rich history. You can apply to Lite Regal International College from any country by an online or paper Application. For paper application first, you have to download the form and fill up this then send it to Light Regal International College.

Please email us here: or ting us +442074605107

This year what every your age and educational requirement Lite Regal will do its best to help you fulfill your potential and help you reach your goal. Please feel free to apply for any of our Courses.

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