how to create a website and income from online 1000% guaranty

how to create a website: There has two type of Blog sites such as Free Blog site and Pad Blog site. For free Blog site, no need invest money just you can make a website for free forever. And another has pad Blog site need money to make a website. Yearly you will pay money for pad Blog site. If you want to need income from online then need Pad website. Because free Blog site is not better for SEO or without SEO you can not rank up your site on online search engine.

What is Blog site? how to create a website

Blog site it is a website. Such as And the blog sites have another name the name is the Domain name. When you want to buy a website then need to buy a domain name. But if you want to make free blog site no need buy for this site. Just you sign-up there site get free Blog site from there. And you can use the site forever and you can post your site as you wish.

how to create a website
how to create a website

Why need Paid Blog site?

Paid site better than the free site. Because in a paid site you get the extra facility for on-page SEO. On page manes easily you can use Meta tag, focus keyword and Meta description. SEO is very important for every website for ranking on search engine. And if you have a paid site you can apply for income to Google. The paid site always perfect for everything. Such as for Google AdSense income, for affiliate marketing and your personal. For the paid site you get more plugins for easily complete your work.

What is need before making a website? how to create a website

First, need a domain name then need a hosting? Now question what is domain and what is hosting. The domain is website name and hosting is a computer disk memory space. For keep your content need hosting such as if you want to keep video for online you must the video upload in your hosting. Without hosting you cannot keep your content.

How to buy a domain and hosting

Online has many sites they are selling Domain and hosting. Now, how you can buy domain and hosting. For buying a domain and hosting need MasterCard if you have a master card then you can buy a domain and host. Which company is better for the domain and hosting there have many companies some of the company is not good. You always try to buy a domain and hosting. Such as,,, Now you thinking how much the domain price and hosting price you can buy this 10$ + 10$.

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After buying Domain and hosting now how to create a website

After buying a domain and hosting now you have to install WordPress on your hosting. Now you learn how to use WordPress. If you have better knowledge about WordPress then you can make a website in 30 minutes. You need more than 10 days to learn the WordPress. How to learn WordPress see also our other post.

After making a website what you should? how to create a website

After making a website now you should submit your website to search engine. How to submit your website to search engine. First, you have to create a sitemap for submitting your website. After that now go to any search engine webmaster tool to submit your website. After submitting your website every internet user will find out your website in search engine. After complete make a website now how to income from online See also our next post.

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