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What is the android USB cable

Forgetting proper speed in transferring anything on your Android device USB is the best aspect for you. When we look in our nearby then we will face that most of the people use the USB cable for transfer file folders, charging phones and another thing in android from computer. Through the USB cable, we can make some extra work on our phone such as browsing internal and external storage, uploading any data under our android device, editing the factory data and sharing the internet through the USB cable. Those are the common things which we could do every day without getting any trouble with a USB cable.

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Privileges of the better android charger cable

In others section, we can transfer our file and folder through the Wireless and Bluetooth connection. Wireless and Bluetooth don’t need any wire connection it’s working through the network signal. The network sharing method is not so stable like the wire connection, because most of the time when we are trying to share any file folder between two android mobiles with the network sharing aspect then you will see that your transferring speed is doing up and down when the time of transferring your specific data. With the USB cable sharing method, there is no up and down doing the problem and otherwise, it is really stable for us. Forgetting the best transferring speed better quality USB cable is also obligatory for us. Better quality USB cable helps us for more high speed transferring.

Top 5 Android USB cable

  1. Amazon basics USB 2.0 A male to the micro B charger cable

This is the cable which is supported up to 480 Mbps data transmission speed. On the side, it comes up with 2.0 cable and male b connectors. This cable is compatible with charging android phones and tablets and additionally hard drives, printers, and more ways.  Through this cable, we can charge our phones up to 2100 mAh. This is a great USB cable of amazon basics. Amazon basics developed this 6 feet long USB cable for providing some extra privileges to the consumers.

  1. AmazonBasics USB double-braided nylon USB 2.0 A to micro B charger cable.

From AmazonBasics USB cable the braided nylon USB 2.0 also one more great creation. If your device supported a USB port then you can use this cable in any one of them. Mostly we can connect this cable in power banks, headphones, pc to android sharing and others. Double braided nylon USB also comfortable for any USB section work. This USB cable specialty is that the cable has fiber cloth exterior to make this more strength. If you want to own this USB cable then one thing you need to keep in mind that Amazon will provide a one-year limited warranty.

  1. Mediabridge USB 2.0 micro USB to USB cable android charger cable

Through this cable, you can transfer any file up to 480 Mbps speed. By this cable, you can use excessive privileges such as digital cameras, windows based smartphones, tablets and Mp3, and various supporting compatibility. The Mediabridge USB is also comfortable for a lot of model devices the design of this cable also great in outlook. The size of this cable is 10 feet which is really great. Mediabridge USB 2.0 only has a black color. Via this cable we can get various privileges as well, power bank charging privileges, huge speed in transferring files with this cable.

  1. Anker powerline+ micro USB the premium durable

People also love the brand and this is the brand in the USB cable. The Anker powerline powered by the leading technology. Leading technology also proof of the high brand. If you want a better USB cable for charging, file transferring, for the camera and for any other USB section work then Anker powerline is better for you. There are many comfortable sizes of this cable-like, 3 feet, 6 feet, and 10x longer size. Through the flexibility of this USB cable, we don’t need to face any problem. However, this will be a great choice for the best USB cable finder.

  1. IXCC 10 feet extra long micro USB cable.

The IXCC also trusted by more than 5 million people. This cable is also a high-quality innovative product. This cable is supported by every type of work that we could do with a USB cable. Most of the work such as kindle fire, smartphone, tablet, mp3 player, external battery and many more aspects of using this USB cable. Otherwise, you will get the best transfer speed while you moving and copying any files and folders. The maximum size of this cable is 10 feet which is really compatible for us.

See the other best  cable type c USB cable for Samsung, iPhone and other all Android mobile

Final touch

The USB cable is our daily life belongings. The USB cable is also helpful in many situations such as data transferring, charging, sharing and many other privileges that provide us easily. In my content, you will get to know about the top 5 Android USB cable.

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