hard reset Oppo A71 2018, Factory Reset or master reset, pattern lock reset

Hard reset Oppo A71 2018: Why we are using hard reset our mobile. Hard reset is a common subject for all mobile users. We have many causes why we are using hard reset our mobile phone. When you are looking your mobile phone are hang or not working any option then need hard reset our mobile. If your mobile is locked with pattern lock or PIN locked then need hard reset your mobile for reset pattern lock or PIN lock.

If your mobile is auto working any apps may be new install apps in your mobile and the apps as not fit for your mobile so you will see the same problem after installing the apps. So that time need hard reset your mobile to fix the problem. If your mobile is slow working or even not working then need hard reset your mobile very quickly. If you are looking your mobile auto restarting or black display or not showing anything the first try hard reset your mobile.

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Before Hard reset oppo A71 2018 mobile

Before hard reset your mobile you must careful always. If you don’t follow this maybe you will lose your mobile. Your mobile will dead for uncareful. Now, what you should before hard reset your mobile. First 85% charge need on your mobile battery. Remove SD card and SIM card from the mobile slot. Backup all important data from your mobile. Such as contact number your mobile storage personal photo and SMS and other any important data. And also before the hard reset, your mobile remove Google account from your mobile other ways after hard reset your mobile FRP lock will show. If everything is completed then you can start hard reset your mobile.

How to Hard reset oppo A71 2018 mobile

First turn off your mobile remove the battery from your mobile. Then Remove SIM card and SD card and again reinsert battery in your mobile. Now press Volume Down button and Power Button, => Then You see The mobile recovery icon on your mobile. Now Select English. After that Tap Wipe data and cache and select Ok. After that, your mobile will reboot then your successes.

Hard reset oppo
Hard reset oppo

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How to factory reset your mobile

First turn on your mobile. Then Go to setting option, Then tap on Back & reset. After that Tap on Factory Data reset Then tap Reset device. Now last You have to tap on Erase Everything. Then your mobile will reboot. After restart your mobile then your mobile will complete factory reset successes. See also hard reset solution from upside.

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How to soft reset your mobile

What is soft reset and why need it. Fist time you use the way. Why use it. If you see your mobile not working of hang if you using more time your mobile with have load game or have load apps or browsing. Then sometimes you’re mobile not working any option or hanging or black display. So that time needs soft reset your mobile to cheek is it ok or any other problem. So now first you should remove or disconnect your mobile battery for a few times. And also remove SIM card and SD card from your mobile. After that reinsert your mobile battery again and try to turn on your mobile press by the power button. See also Hard reset solution.

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