Hard Reset Oppo A1

Hard Reset Oppo A1 – How to factory reset and pattern lock remove

Hard Reset Oppo A1: Why Hard reset? It is very important Part of every mobile user. It is very commons thinks for every mobile user. You must learn it for save your mobile. Some of the problem of your mobile you can solve himself if you have some of the knowledge. But it is very easy about all mobile almost same way. I think you should know about that. Many mobile users they don’t know about that. But when he/she facing this problem they can not solve this. For resolve,

this must he go to a mobile maker. That way you time will waist with your money. Whey I am talking this because it is very easy to work. If you spend just 5 minutes reading this article then you can do it yourself. Now the thinks why need hard reset your mobile, If you forget pattern lock of your mobile, If you forgot your mobile password or PIN, If your mobile slow or hanging, for solving this problem need hard reset your mobile.

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Before Hard Reset Oppo A1

Before hard reset your mobile what you should do. Before hard reset your mobile you must look your mobile battery charge need battery charge at least 80%, Remove Gmail from your mobile other ways after hard reset your mobile FRP will show. Remove SIM card and SD card from your mobile, after above all then you can start your mobile hard reset.

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How to hard reset Oppo A1

Before hard reset, your Oppo A1 Must Remove SIM card or SD card From your mobile. And also Need 80% charge on your mobile battery. Now we will show how to hard reset your mobile

  1. First Turn Off your mobile remove the battery, And again insert again.
  2. And then Press Volume Up Button and Power button, When seeing Oppo Logo then release all button.
  3. After that select leagues by volume key and confirm it press power button.
  4. And then Wipe Data and Cache, after confirming it showing message select yes.
  5.  after that, your mobile will restart.
  6. After restarting your mobile now successful.

How to factory reset your mobile

Factory reset is the very important part of every mobile user. Why you apply factory reset and when need it. Continuous we are using mobile for many rough uses. Such as sometimes we are installing some apps, playing Game and internet browsing etc. If after installing any apps on your mobile and after that are looking your mobile hanging, or slow working then you need a factory reset your mobile for the fix that. I think it is clear for all mobile users, so now I don’t want to discuss more that. Now follow from below how to factory reset your Oppo A1

  1. First Turn on your mobile.
  2. After that go to the mobile main menu and then >> setting.
  3. And then Backup & Reset >> factory data reset.
  4. After that tap reset device.
  5. Now touch Erase Everything.
  6. After that, your mobile will be rebooting then are successes.
How to soft reset your Oppo A1

What is soft reset? And why use it. Soft reset is a very simple thing for your mobile. If you are looking your mobile not work properly such as your mobile is hung not working any option. that time you need remove your mobile battery and remove SIM card or memory SD card from your mobile and then after a few minutes again insert the mobile battery without SIM or SD card If you looking now your mobile is better working then you are done. If not working same like the previous problem then find out other problem.

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