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Hard reset LG Zone 4  is an important thing that we need to learn. There are many people who do not want to learn because of laziness. And because of which, for a small work you spend money when you’re facing the mobile problem. Maybe after the Hard reset LG Zone 4, the problem of mobile is solved. So I think it’s not right to think that this work is trivial. Almost the same rules of all mobile phones.

Hard reset LG Zone 4
Hard reset LG Zone 4

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What’s the reason, Hard reset LG Zone 4 is very important?

Now you need to know, what is the reason for the Hard reset LG Zone 4. There are many reasons to reset your LG Zone 4t. And for these reasons, you can easily solve it yourself. The reasons are that if your mobile is slow down. And if you forget the pattern lock on mobile or forget the password. And if your mobile is attacked by viruses. You can give your mobile hard reset, for this kind of problem. And hope your mobile problem will solve.

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What to do before hard reset

Before hard reset, you have to keep a lot of attention. And if you forgot, maybe your mobile set lost for your mistakes. And maybe you can never fix mobile. So let’s know now what are the reasons for this, first of all, your mobile battery should be 80% charge. Then you will need to remove the SIM card memory card from your mobile. And all your important data from your mobile should be backed up. And if you do not back up your mobile data, then maybe you lose all the data from your mobile forever. You need to sign out Gmail ID from your mobile phone. After the hard reset, your mobile will show the RPR lock. And this will make you new problem again. Hopefully, if you work with all these things, you will not have problems. So now we can start the Hard reset LG Zone 4.

How to hard reset you’re mobile

Before hard reset your mobile must remove SIM card and SD memory card from your mobile:

  1. First turn on your LG Zone 4 by the power button.
  2. Press together Volume down and power button for few seconds ( when seeing the android logo on display release all button)
  3. For recovery option press power button (no long time just press and release quick )
  4. Now select factory data reset using volume button, for confirm it by the power button.
  5. Now select Yes using volume key and confirm it by the power button.
  6. After reboot your mobile, your mobile will restart now you successful.

How to factory reset your mobile

  1. Turn on your LG Zone 4 go to the mobile main menu and the touch setting option and then touch General.
  2. Now touch Backup & reset.
  3. Now touch factory data reset.
  4. After that touch reset Phone.
  5. And then Touch delete all.
  6. Then your LG Zone 4 all data will restore. Then you are successful.

( Note: before factory reset check battery charge and remove SIM card and SD card. )

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How to reset soft

Basically, soft reset nothing like a subject. Basically, you can be sure that there are other problems with your mobile or not. If you ever watch your mobile hang or not working any option, then you will open the battery on your mobile and with SIM card and SD memory card will be removed. Then, without SIM and Memory card, just insert the battery. Then turn on the mobile and see, if it’s working perfectly, then your mobile is okay. And if you turn on your mobile and see the problems, then try to hard reset. If not, then there are other problems. Thank you

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