How to Hard Reset Huawei Honor 7c | factory reset

Hard Reset Huawei Honor 7c: The rules for the resetting of the hands, the people who use the mobile, we all need to know. The reason for this is because of minor problems, to go to the mobile maker. For this regions, your time is wasted and money is spent. And if you learn to do this easy task, then you can do the job yourself, do not have to go to someone for this purpose. And it is necessary to learn this work because the work around the mobile is resolved through the headset.

Why need Hard Reset Huawei Honor 7c

There are many reasons for a mobile reset. And these are the reasons: – If you forget your mobile lock after locking your mobile, then after locking Hard Reset Huawei Honor 7c your mobile lock will be removed. For example, you can remove any lock of mobile such as pattern lock, password lock, pin lock, with this headrest. If you see your mobile does not work properly, very slow, you can fix your mobile by making a headset.

Hard Reset Huawei Honor 7c
Hard Reset Huawei Honor 7c

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Before Hard Reset Huawei Honor 7c

Before hard reset, you’re mobile need 80% battery charge on the mobile battery. Backup all important data from your mobile, Such as Contact no, Photo and any important data. Remove Gmail ID from your mobile. If you don’t remove Gmail ID from your mobile, after hard reset you’re mobile FRP lock will show on mobile. Remove SIM card or SD card from your mobile.

How to hard reset you’re mobile

Note: Before hard reset start of your mobile Remove SIM card and SD card from your mobile. Now see how to Hard Reset Huawei Honor 7c:-

  1. First turn off your mobile press with the power button.
  2. Now Press Together Volume UP and Power button for few minutes.
  3. After that release, all button when seeing android logo on display.
  4. Now select Wipe Data/ factory reset use navigation Volume button, And confirm it bu power button.
  5. After that Choose Yes confirm by Power button.
  6. Now Select Reboot system now confirms it by Power button.
  7. Now Hard reset successfully.

How to factory reset your mobile

Now see also how to factory reset your mobile:-

  1. Go to main Manu => Settings Option.
  2. Now touch Backup & Reset and then Touch Factory Data Reset.
  3. After that Touch Reset Phone, Next Touch Erase Everything.

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How to soft reset your mobile

Basically, ‍what is soft reset? And when you use soft reset? After soft reset your mobile you will sure what is the main problem. Almost, after soft reset your mobile, the problem will fix other ways you have to find out the mobile other problem. Now see how to soft reset mobile:-

  1. First turn off your mobile, you can not turn off your mobile power key then manually remove the battery from your mobile.
  2. Remove also SIM card and SD card from your mobile.
  3. Now insert the mobile battery, without SIM card or SD card.
  4. Press the power button and then check the mobile problem.
  5. If properly working your mobile then insert SIM card and SD card.
  6. Note: If after soft reset your mobile again sees the same problem then find out the other problem.

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