Hard Reset Apple iPhone XR | iphone disabled Passcode reset finger reset

Hard Reset Apple iPhone XR: If you more time wrong try to open a passcode of your Apple iPhone XR. If you wrongly more try to open passcode or forgot the password of your  Apple iPhone XR, If you forgot your Apple iPhone XR passcode or finger lock or face Lock you can reset your Apple iPhone XR very easily. If you learn it you can reset all lock your Apple iPhone XR. It is very easy to learn, any mobile user can fix the problem it himself. Maybe the first time it is very difficult for you to reset Apple iPhone XR but I think no need to worry it is very easy to fix the solution. So follow all steps to complete reset any lock of your  Apple iPhone XR.

Hard reset Apple iPhone XR
Hard reset Apple iPhone XR

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Before restoring your Apple iPhone XR

Before restoring your Apple iPhone XR

  1. First, need USB Apple iPhone XR data cable
  2. Need internet connection of your pc or laptop or MAC
  3. Now download iTunes software
  4. After download iTunes software install it in your pc or laptop or MAC
  5. Need Apple iPhone XR battery charge minimum 80%

Download iTunes for windows 64 bit

Downloads iTunes for windows 32 bit

Download iTunes for mac click here

Click here to download for windows 64 bit

How to Hard reset Apple iPhone XR | Reset iPhone disabled

  1. first, connect your pc or laptop or MAC with internet
  2. Now lunch iTunes software from pc or laptop or MAC
  3. Now turn off your Apple iPhone XR
  4. And then connect your Apple iPhone XR to pc or MAC with USB cable
  5. After that ( press Volume Down button and power button together 40 to 50 seconds) to active recovery mode (note: if not working press )

    recovery more
    recovery mode
  6. If your Apple iPhone XR is connected to pc you will see an update or restore option on iTunes
  7. Now click Restore then find the file internet server take more time to download the file
  8. After that Click Restore And Update
  9. And the Click NEXT
  10. Now Click Agree (now you see right corner upside downloading process)
  11. After complete download, your Apple iPhone XR will be Restored
  12. And the completed all processes
  13. And then you are done.

How To Factory Reset Apple iPhone XR

Now see how to factory reset your iPhone XR

  1. First Go to settings option of your Apple iPhone XR
  2. Now Touch General
  3. And then Touch Reset
  4. Now Touch Erase All Content And settings
  5. Now give your iPhone XR passcode
  6. After that Touch Erase iPhone
  7. Now you are Done

How to fix the iPhone is disabled or Hard Reset Apple iPhone XR without internet

If you have the file of the Apple iPhone XR. You can keep it into your iPhone link location then you can try now see from below how to do it

  1. If You have the Apple iPhone XR firmware file
  2. first, keep the IPSW file in your mention location the link is
  3. for iPhone ( c:\document and setting\name\appdata\roaming\apple computer\ iTunes\iPhone Software Updates)
  4. If you do not see this then you go to my computer or computer and click c drive
  5. Now search  roaming and open it there create a folders apple computer and open the folder and create a folder iTunes and Create folder iPhone Software Updates
  6. Now keep your file into the folders iPhone Software Updates 
  7. And for mac see  ~/Library/iTunes/iPhone Software Updates
  8. After keeping your IPSW file then you can restore your Apple iPhone XR
  9. use the How to fix iPhone disabled from upside instruction

See also the video tutorial for more better knowledge

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