Frp lock Remove oppo A71 | No need pc Quick solution google bypass

Frp lock Remove oppo A71: FRP lock or Google lock is a problem for all mobile users. And the minor problem on your mobile, you can learn very easily. And I think there is no end to learning, and there is also no age for learning. You can learn a lot if you want to be interested in learning. And I think those who use mobile, they will be victims of this small problem. And there is some lock like FRP lock which you can solve by yourself. And if you can learn them, then your money will save and time and save. Because you need your time to go to the mobile maker shop.

What is FRP LOCK?

Frp lock Remove oppo A71: Basically, what is the FRP lock on our mobile, we all know it. And if you do not know it, then you can not solve this small problem. And now I will try, it’s easy for you to learn it. It is basically logged on to your mobile with an ID, and if your set headset is given after logging in, then the FRP lock can be seen. Hopefully, now you have a clear idea about your FRP lock.

Frp lock Remove oppo A71
Frp lock Remove oppo A71

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How to save you’re mobile from FRP lock

Frp lock Remove oppo A71: What you have to do to keep your mobile safe from the FRP lock. If you are cautious, then hopefully you will be safe from the FRP lock on your mobile. , remove Gmail ID from mobile, you always keep in mind that beforehand reset your mobile. Because Gmail ID is synchronizing all the data on your mobile. And for this reason, FRP is locked after giving your mobile hard reset. So, if you want to protect you’re from this FRP lock then first remove the Google ID from your mobile before hard reset your mobile.

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How to remove Gmail Google id from your mobile

  1. Now see how to remove Google id from your mobile.
  2. First turn on your mobile press by the power button
  3. Now go to your mobile main menu
  4. After that go to your mobile setting option and touch the setting option.
  5. Now find out your mobile account or Google option and touch the account or Google option
  6. After that, you see the Gmail id there then touch on the Gmail id.
  7. After that see on the right corner upside 3 dots then touch the 3 dots.
  8. And then you see there remove the id option then touch the remote id.
  9. After that you mobile Gmail id will remove then you can hard reset your mobile.

The first method How to Frp lock Remove oppo A71

Frp lock Remove oppo A71: If you see FRP lock on your mobile after the hard reset, then there have many ways to remove FRP lock from your mobile.

  1. First turn on your mobile
  2. After turn on your mobile now use wifi. See also how to use wifi hotspot
  3. Now touch mobile option to go ahead
  4. And then you see your mobile wanting Google id
  5. Now give your mobile id and password and then touch login
  6. Then take few minutes to log on your mobile and after login, your mobile comes back the normal position.

After that you are successful.

Note: remember it witch was your Gmail id that means first-time witch id you have used in your mobile must use the Google Gmail id never try other Gmail id.

The second method How to Frp lock Remove oppo A71

  1. First turn on your mobile press by the power button
  2. Now touch the continue and again touch continue ==>Connect to wifi internet hotspot device and touch continue ==> continue.
  3. Wait few seconds then see google account touch google account fill box then see the keyboard on the display
  4. Then touch the network icon from the left side then touch setting now touch rate us 
  5. After that 2-time touch, Long press here==>  demo application and then touch search icon and Type  Setting and download the apps and then complete 100% and installing then touch open Now select accept License==> ok ==> ok.
  6. Now touch system settings ==> additional settings ==>back up and reset ==> factory data reset==> reset all system settings==> reset system settings==>  reset system settings==> Agree==> Yes.
  7. Then touch erase all content & settings now touch delete data==>delete data.
  8. Now your mobile will restart.
  9. After restart select language touch continue ==> continue==>continue ==> continue.
  10. Now take few munites when seeing google account touch skep again skep ==> NEXT==> continue
  11. Then touch set as new Oppo phone.
  12. Now you are completely done

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