Best Foot Massager For Runners 2020 Reviews

In this guide, We will help you to buy the top 10 Best Foot Massager For Runners. Here you will get so many products list which recommended by a doctor for runners who are looking for a proper solution. Before buying one, please read the product details about why you will buy it for you. Which problem you are suffering? And which one will be better for you?



#1 The 10 Top-Rated Best Foot Massager For Runners and Miko shiatsu foot massager

Miko Shiatsu Foot Massager Multi-Level Settings

Deep knees relieve all kinds of pain and tired legs and improve blood flow. There are 2 wirelesses remote as well. Eliminate discomfort from neuropathy, diabetes, chronic pain, muscle tension, etc. You can use your foot massage while watching TV, reading, working in the office. It has a removable cover for easy washing.  Excessive painkillers can cause your kidneys or other body problems. Get a 1-year full warranty.


  1. Quick blood circulation foot massager
  2.  Soothing natural vibrations relieve tired muscles
  3.  Ultra portable, standard plug-in power
  4.  Easy to clean, removable washable cloth cover


  1. Total Products 43x40x20 CM
  2. with Packaging: 44x42x22 CM
  3. Total Weighs: 12 LBS
  4.  Massage: 5 Levels

Included for you

  • A Miko Shaitsu Foot Massager
  • with a Power Adapter
  • Two Wireless Remotes
  • Controlling Manual and automatic

#2 RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Improve Blood Circulation electric massager pregnancy

After massaging feet, all the body will become relax and your mind will be refreshing. Shiatsu foot massage gives you heating and air circulation in deep-kneading. Very quickly relieve foot pain and make slowly active foot nerve. Day by day improves blood flow without medicine remove foot pain and knee pain.  After a few days, it will reduce physical exhaustion and get relax mode sleeping. It is a fully professional foot massager that provides a comprehensive and comfortable massage.

You can adjust air pressure levels as you need and also you can control heat function fully as you want. Without a problem, you can easily use the foot touch panel. RENPHO Shiatsu Foot Massager Machine Keeps a clean and healthy environment. A great gift – Everybody needs a daily foot massage.

We highly recommend you get one for yourself or another anyone who is suffering from foot pain. For feet pain, medicine is not proper treatment maybe for somewhile give you pain-free but again begin foot pain. Consuming drugs for pain all the time is bad for self-interest, which could problems of kidneys. Using 30 minutes daily which better for health

You get100% Satisfaction1 year warranty


  1. Easily you can control touch buttons with your feet.
  2. It’s for US men size 12.
  3. You can wipe with detachable cloth the foot massager Easily
  4. Very nice and smooth design

Weight & Details

  1. Size: L16.8*W15.3*H9.8 inch
  2. Output Power: DC12V 2.5A
  3. Input power: 100V-240V 50/60Hz
  4.  Weight: 3.85kg/8.5lb

What Is Included?

  1. Shiatsu Foot Massager
  2. Wall Power Supply
  3. User Manual

#3 Nekteck shiatsu foot massager reviews, Deep Kneading Foot Massager

This is one of the top ten foot massagers. How do you benefit from this? With this foot massage, you will get 6 massage heads and 10 rotating massager nodes. By this foot massager, you can regulate blood flow and amazingly relaxes muscles and also eases tensions. With this massager, you can relieve pain in the muscles and reduce foot pain as it has a heating function. And you can use it without any risk. You can turn the function on and off manually if you wish.

You will get an extra adjustable height feature from the foot massager as your preference and convenience. Because with the foot massager has adjustable up to 3 levels which makes you more compatible. To power on the massager, you do not need to bend down. Easily you can power on by your toe and change the set its mode. You can carry it very easily because it has built-in on-board cord storage and carrying handle.

The massager is perfect to use at home and in the office. Finally, again I will repeat my words; really the foot massager works magically for relieving foot muscle pain. Having Continue medicine for pain very harmful for your health and body. Thanks see also more details from here

Warranty: You get a 1-year warranty. And get 30 days money back guaranty if return the undamaged product and packaging product in 30 days from buying.


  • adjustable height feature up to 3 levels
  • To Power on do not need to bend down
  • 6 massage heads and 10 rotating massager nodes
  • built-in on-board cord storage and with carrying handle

Power and Weight

    1. AC Power in 120V/50~60Hz
    2. Power use in Watts: 48W
    3. Total Dimensions: 40.5 x 36.5 x 12 cm
    4. And Weight: 3.3 kg

What Is Included?

  • One Nekteck Foot Massager with built-in Adapter
  • And User Manual guide

#4 best foot massager for plantar fasciitis and Tired Feet

This is our next one of the top ten foot massagers. What is the benefit of this? In the Shiatsu foot massager features has a total of eighteen deep penetrating massaging nodes which specially work on the main spots of acupuncture points in your feet. The foot massager is used gradually increases blood circulation and relax tight muscles. It is able to massage till to the deep knee.

From the foot massager, you will get an optional infrared heat. That’s the way during the massage the optional infrared heat is start heating.  For that reason, the inactive cell goes to active gradually and relieves muscle spasm and pain. It is able to make the ultimate comfort of tired muscles. For controlling the foot massager there has one button in this to turn on it you do not need to bend down.  Easily you can access the power button and set its mode by just touching your toes and to turn on and turn off.

It is such a foot messenger that any person’s foot will be properly positioned. This is a triple-action power machine that is the perfect size messenger of any foot. The Shiatsu foot massager is portable and versatile you can keep it under bed and sofa or anywhere. You can use it while working, reading, and watching TV and resting or more.


  • total of eighteen deep penetrating massaging nodes
  • Easily access the power button and set its mode by your toes
  • use it while working, reading, and watching TV and resting or more
  • triple-action power machine

Power and Weight

    1. AC Power in 220V/50~60Hz
    2. And Weight: 6.8 pounds

What Is Included?

  • Naipo Foot Massager with built-in Adapter
  • And User Manual guide

#5 HoMedics, Triple Action shiatsu foot massager machine with heat

This is our next top 10 Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager. The HoMedics Foot Massager has a Triple Action power that by Heat delivers a circular kneading shiatsu massage that rejuvenating tired arches and soles. This massager also has triple rotational heads that making massage from toe and heel. The Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager keeps relaxing the mind and tension after massaging your foot.

By the heat of Triple Action, Shiatsu Foot Massager’s tired muscles in your arches and toes keep ultimate comfort. For Removing tired from feet turn on the Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager then you will feel in a short time you are freshness. And also to stimulate blood flow and improve healing, turn on the heat from Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager.

You can put any type of feet comfortably such as small, medium, larger size fit for all people on foot massager. Anyone with any shoe-size can enjoy easily the foot massager.

You can easily use the massager and to control it press the button them with your toe. For turn off and turn on your toe is enough. Turn on the heating function just push normally on the heat button with your toe.

Warranty: Limited 2 year warranty


  • Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager
  • Turn on and Turn off power button with toe
  • Everywhere you can use it perfectly
  • Vary faster able to remove pain

Power and Weight

    1. AC Power in 220V/50~60Hz
    2. And Weight: 6.8 pounds

What Is Included?

      • HoMedics, Triple Action Shiatsu Foot Massager
      • User Manual guide

#6 Moji mini pro massager for all body in manually

Our top 10 products for you. This product you can carry all ways with you anywhere. You can massage your body all the body anywhere at any time with this product.

  • Moji Foot Pro, Compact Foot Massager for Recovery
  • Moji Foot, Compact and Travel-Friendly Foot Massager, 
  • Magic massager for all bodies. 321 STRONG Foam Roller Deep Tissue Massager for Muscle Massage
  • TriggerPoint GRID Foam Roller Massage for all body
  • TheraFlow Foot Massager Roller Relieve Foot Arch Pain, Muscle Aches, Plantar Fasciitis,  Soreness.


buying Guide for running foot massager

You can get pain in your feet or anywhere in the body while running. Maybe on the site of the foot or the toes or any side of the foot. Or the foot may go to the ankle. You may use medications to relieve foot pain. And maybe you go to the massage center and massage your feet. However, it is best to massage the foot or massage the ointment to ease the pain. And it is not okay to take more medication to reduce the pain. Excessive consumption of drugs may damage your kidney. And doctors always say that if you take more painkillers, you may have hormone problems. For any pain, you may notice a doctor always advises you to use a foot massager

I will give And for these reasons I think you need to have a massage in your room. You will find 2 types of foot massager in the free market. Electric messenger and manual messenger. However, there are several indications that an electric massager can slowly heal your paralysis or paralysis.

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There are many types of pain

Mild injury pain. You can use our Manuel Normal messenger for this. And here we are suggesting that you buy these decorations.

All of these are able to relieve the pain from your waist to the bottom of your foot as well as the pain. Then you can see all of our products one by one.

Many Type of pain

In a word, arthritis is inflammation of the joint. If the disease swells the joint and causes pain. Often, especially in the hands and feet of the elderly, when we have such pain in the knee, we think that we have been deficient in calcium, eat vitamins ourselves or sit down to take pain medication. Arthritis is not a cure for recovery. It needs to be treated properly but it is possible to remain good.

There are many different types of arthritis. One is osteoarthritis where the soft bone-like coating or cartilage that we have in our bones is eroded. The task of cartilage is to ensure that the joints do not have a direct injury to the bone. It starts to rub in the bones immediately after erosion, causing inflammation, which is the beginning of arthritis pain. Another type of arthritis is rheumatoid arthritis. This is due to an autoimmune disorder, the abnormal behavior of the body’s own immune system. Inside the joint is a type of cellular lining called synovium. It keeps the cartilage from slipping through the fluid, allowing the bone to move smoothly. Rheumatoid arthritis occurs when the body’s immune system begins to damage this synovium. This can lead to bone loss later.

Whatever the type of arthritis, the main symptoms are the same Joint pain, swelling, tightening. It can also be reddish. It is difficult to shake hands once. Determining the type of arthritis is important for proper treatment. It is diagnosed with certain blood tests.

Suddenly the foot pain started

Suddenly the foot pain started. You are suffering in unbearable pain. You do not even understand how the pain is. In fact, there are many causes of foot pain. Throughout the day, a lot of pressure goes over these feet. If there is one of the most active organs in the body, that is the foot. Therefore, no discount can be made on foot. If you have pain, seek first aid. Generally, due to muscle tension, old age, excessive walking, and various reasons can cause foot pain.

For those who are usually not accustomed to walking, it is very difficult to get leg pain after walking for a long time. And those who walk on the heels do not speak! Take a look at some of the simplest ways to relieve the pain of this leg today.

Causes pain in the legs

Old age, not wearing comfortable shoes.

Too much walking

Standing tall on both legs

Different types of fractures

Mineral deficiency in the body

Diabetes etc.


After an extra walk, the foot should be rested a bit. If the entire body weight is removed from the foot, the foot will recover faster. Keep standing up for long periods of time, long walks and stair breaks. If possible, keep your shoes on at rest. This will make the legs comfortable.

Cold and hot

Walking for long periods can cause leg pain as well as swelling of the legs. Cold or hot bake is very comfortable in this case. Keep the ice pack on top of the feet for 5-20 minutes, 3 times a day. In some cases, the hot bake works well.

In that case, you can use a hot water bag. After walking for 20 minutes, you can submerge the feet intolerable hot water. Some essentials that increase blood flow can be mixed with this water. Can massage the foot. However, if you have pain in the massage, it is better not to do it.

Keep your feet elevated

The pain is mainly due to the pressure on the legs during walking. This pressure increases especially when wearing heels. Keep your feet elevated for 5 minutes several times a day to reduce this pain. Lifting your legs from your pelvis to a slightly higher position will allow your feet to rest.


Combine warm olive oil, coconut oil or mustard oil and rub in the affected area.

Massage like this for 5 minutes.

Massage this way two or three times a day as needed.

In addition to soaking the feet for 5 minutes with salt in hot water, the pain in the legs is greatly reduced.

You get 6 ways how to remove paint from leg

Leg pain is a very common problem for us. The leg carries our whole body everywhere but until the foot is having a problem, we are always careless about our two-legged care. There are various causes that can cause pain in our legs and there is nothing unpleasant to deal with. And so in today’s writing, there are many different ways to get rid of foot pain, symptoms and 6 great ways to get rid of foot pain.

Various causes of foot pain

Your foot may be injured for a variety of reasons. Some of the common causes of foot pain are:

  •  Do not wear shoes in the right size.
  •  Wear high heels that put a lot of pressure on the ankle.
  •  Extra Exercise or Sport.
  • Pregnancy, diabetes, obesity or various medical conditions.
  • Leg pain can be due to foot injury etc.

Some symptoms of leg pain

  • When the pain in the legs.
  • Turning red.
  • Pain during movement or pain due to standing too long.
  • Feeling like burns or itching of the skin of the feet.
  • Feel that the bones of the feet are breaking.

An effective domestic method of relieving foot pain

Baking soda  (just a power name)

You will need –

Baking soda- Half cup

One bowl of hot water

All you have to do-

  • First, take hot water in a large bowl and take half cup baking soda in it.
  • Mix well until the baking soda is completely dissolved.
  • Dip your feet in soda mixed water for 8-20 minutes.
  • You should do this at least once daily.

Baking soda is widely used for various treatments. It contains various anti-inflammatory ingredients that help relieve foot pain and inflammation.

Coconut oil

You will need –

Coconut Oil – 1/2 teaspoon

All you have to do-

  • Take two to three teaspoons of coconut oil in your hand.
  • Now gently massage the finger with the finger to the affected area.
  • You can add a few drops of essential oil if you want.
  • After massaging the oil, you can put the socks on the foot and the oil will be locked in the foot.

Epsom salts

You will need –

Epsom Salt – Half Cup

  • Bowl hot water
  • All you have to do-
  • Take hot water in a large bowl and mix in half cups of Epsom salts.
  • Mix well until the salt is dissolved.
  • Soak your sore legs in salt mixed water for 3-5 minutes.

You should apply it almost daily when you have pain.

Epsom salts are also known as magnesium sulfate. Magnesium in Epsom salts is anti-inflammatory and is also widely used for muscle aches. It is very effective in relieving foot pain.


You will need –

Ginger – 1 inch

Hot water – 3 cups


All you have to do-

  • Mix 4-inch ginger pieces in 4 cups boiling water.
  • Boil it for about 3-5 minutes.
  • Now mix 1/4 spoon honey in this ginger mixed water and drink hot.

You should drink this ginger tea three times daily.

Ginger is another effective remedy for treating foot pain. It contains an enzyme called Zingibain, which is an excellent analgesic and anti-inflammatory. Ginger is a beneficial ingredient for relieving pain in your feet.

Hot or cold snack

You will need –

Hot water bottle

Ice bag

All you have to do-

Put a hot water bottle in the place of pain for 3-5 minutes. Now remove the hot water bottle and place it in a cold ice bag. Hold in the pain for about 5 minutes. Repeat the entire process 2-3 times.

This procedure should be followed regularly when you have pain.

Hot and cold compresses work very well to relieve pain. Hot compresses increase blood circulation and cold ice bags help relieve pain.


Leg pain can also be caused by some vitamin deficiencies. Vitamin B deficiency is one of the leading causes of foot pain. Also, chronic pain and weakness can occur when vitamin D deficiency. Therefore, to be healthy, you should eat vitamin B foods and vitamin D associated fish, meat, eggs, milk, cheese, oranges, soybean milk, and cereals.

Some special tips to prevent foot pain

  •  Always wear comfortable shoes.
  • Avoid high heels and tight shoes.
  •  Eat healthily and keep weight under control.
  • Follow the hygiene of the feet.
  • Always wear the right size shoes when going out.
  • Occasionally massage the legs, it increases blood circulation.

The health of your feet depends a lot on you. So always wear the right size shoes and take care of the feet as well as build proper eating habits.

Here are some ways to reduce foot pain

It is very difficult to find people who do not have foot pain. Mild aches can range from old to young. Generally, due to muscle tension, old age, excessive walking, and various reasons can cause leg pain. However, there is no need for big steps at the initial stage. You can treat it immediately. In some domestic ways, this pain can be easily relieved. So know that there are some home remedies to reduce the unbearable pain of the feet.

Apple cider vinegar

Mix one to two cups of pure apple cider vinegar in hot water. Soak the legs in this mixture for two minutes. Do it once a day. Do this for a few days. Also, mix one or two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar in a glass of hot water. It can also be mixed with a small amount of pure honey. Drink it twice a day.


Yellow is another effective way to relieve foot pain. Mix one teaspoon of turmeric with hot sesame oil. With this mixture massage the leg pain for 5 minutes. Do this twice a day. You can also mix turmeric with hot milk and drink it. Drink twice with it. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients in yellow help reduce pain.

Ice bake

Sprinkle some amount of ice into a cloth. Or use an ice bag. Put it in the foot pain for 5 to 5 minutes. Do it a while. But do not use ice directly on the skin.

Lemon juice

Mix in an equal amount of lemon juice and castor oil. Massage the leg with this mixture. Do this two or three times a day. You can also drink one cup of saffron in hot water mixed with lemon juice and a little honey. Drink it twice a day.


Heat the olive oil, coconut oil or mustard oil lightly and gently massage for 5 minutes at the place of pain. Do this 2-3 times a day. According to the Science Translational Medicine journal of 2002, this 5-minute massage will reduce leg pain by preventing inflammation of the muscle. Massage reduces stress by increasing blood circulation.


Massage with ginger oil 2-3 times a day in place of pain. Drink ginger tea with it 2-3 times a day. The ginger material will relieve pain and relieve inflammation of the muscle. It stimulates the blood circulation of the muscle.

Here are some easy ways to relieve foot pain

The causes of foot pain are old age, not wearing comfortable shoes, excessive walking, prolonged standing on two legs, various types of fractures, lack of mineral in the body, diabetes, etc. If the pain in the foot is very difficult, you can get relief from this pain at home right away.

Foot pain is a very common problem that occurs in people of any age. Pain in the toes, ankles, and toes due to foot pain. The causes of foot pain are old age, not wearing comfortable shoes, excessive walking, prolonged standing on two legs, various types of fractures, lack of mineral in body, diabetes, etc. If the pain in the foot is very difficult, you can get relief from this pain at home right away. So know some ways.

Hot and cold water

Hot and cold water therapy is very useful to prevent foot pain. So Hot water therapy increases blood circulation and relieves pain due to cold water. – Take hot water in one container and cold water in another container. Sit on a chair and then dip the foot in a hot water container for 5 minutes. Then soak the feet again in cold water for 5 seconds. – Do it 2 to 5 times in one way. -Is pack and the hot pack can relieve foot pain in the same way?


Vinegar is used in various types of domestic solutions. It is also very useful in responding to foot pain. – Take hot water in a container and mix it with 2 tablespoons vinegar. You can also mix a little salt if desired. Then put the foot in the pan for 20 minutes.


Ice therapy is great for reducing foot pain. Take a piece of ice in a plastic bag and massage it in a circular motion to the affected area. You can massage a packet of vegetables left in the deep refrigerator on the towel if you want and in a pain-free place. The coolness of the ice helps reduce the pain gradually. But never massage the ice for more than 5 minutes as it can damage the skin and nerves.

Leg pain can be a symptom of a serious illness

38-year-old Samir Sinha got hurt while walking every morning in the back muscles of his legs. Walking a little bit makes the pain more intense. However, sitting down does not hurt anymore.

Finally one day he went to see a doctor. The doctor allowed him to perform several tests. Samir is diagnosed with peripheral arterial disease (PAD), diagnosed in the test. PAD is a symptom that indicates that the blood that your arteries are supplying to your foot is inflammatory, weak, or blocked. Sameer survived the timely doctor’s show.

Most of us have an understanding of the severity of a heart attack, but we are not at all aware of a leg attack. Dr. Puneer Ruby is the Head of the Department of Vascular and Endovascular Surgery at the clinic. DR Kamarakar said, “Usually a patient experiences pain in the muscles of the lower back and thighs when the blood vessels in the legs become shrunken or blocked. It is also known as a leg attack. This happens in the early stages of PAD. If the block is too severe, patients will continue to experience irritating pain. The color of the toes may go away or even gangrene may appear. As a result, the toes can become black again.

Diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, and smokers should be cautioned immediately if such foot injury occurs.

If you feel pain in your legs or back muscles when walking less than 500 meters, you should take a PAD medical test today. Some of the other symptoms are the dryness of the lower limbs and hair loss.

The risk of PAD will be reduced by making slight changes in living standards. These include diet control, blood sugar control, general exercises like walking. In addition to cycling, it is possible to get rid of the risk of being infected with PAD.

Mental stress can also have a devastating effect on the body. So that too should be avoided.

What to do if there is sudden pain in your leg without injury

Acute and chronic are the two most common words in the linguistics of medical science. Acute means sudden or short term and chronic mean long term. And Acute limb ischemia is a condition where the blockage of the artery occurs suddenly and its manifestation is very dramatic. In chronic limb ischemia, this phenomenon occurs over a long period of time, and its symptoms are gradually revealed.

Acute Limb causes ischemia

The causes of acute limb ischemia are excluded, except in cases where the blood vessels are clogged or closed due to injury:

Heart or heart

Blood circulates in various parts of the body through the blood vessel. It is unusual and dangerous to have a blood clot tied to the blood vessel or heart. Blood can clot in the heart of the heart for various reasons.

This clot of frozen blood flows through the bloodstream and can reach anywhere in the body within an instant and interfere with blood supply. When such an event occurs in the brain, it is called a stroke.

Acute limb ischemia is known when the arteries of the hands or feet are closed. There are many reasons for the blood to clot inside the heart. In terms of our country, the following factors are important.

Heart failure or atrial fibrillation

The healthy heart is normal and compressed and stretched to a regular rhythm. Occasionally, interruptions of the rhythm can be seen. Atrial fibrillation is one of the cardiovascular problems.

In this, a special cell of the left atrium called the left atrium tends to contract and expand very rapidly and irregularly. This creates a tendency for the blood to clot within the cell.

This disruption of rhythm can occur for several reasons. One of these is the loss of a special follicle of the heart called the Mitral Valve. In our country, rheumatic fever or rheumatic fever can be seen as a result of heart failure.

Lack of heart function

The main function of the heart is to pump blood and spread it through the blood vessels to the distal parts of the body. This function of the heart can be reduced for various reasons. Such as myocardial infarction or heart attack, cardiomyopathy, etc.

In these cases, the heart cannot pump blood efficiently. This can cause blood clots to build up in the heart of the heart, causing strokes or acute limb ischemia.

Blood vessel

Occasionally, the blood vessel or artery itself causes acute limb ischemia. Maybe the inner wall of the artery already had cholesterol lining. When the lining is broken for some reason, blood begins to cling to it.

At one point this coagulated blood closes the entire artery’s bloodstream. The whole incident happened in a very short time. In most cases, these patients already report symptoms of chronic lymph ischemia (such as foot pain when walking), though they do not notice or emphasize it at that time.

These patients are the prime example of acute on chronic limb ischemia. Acute lymph ischemia can sometimes be caused by swelling of the arterial swelling or aneurysm, even when the blood clotted to the aneurysm closes the artery.

Cervical rib

In the case of hand acute limb ischemia, not just the head of the cervical rib. The cervical rib is an extra bone born from the vertebrae below the neck that sometimes causes pressure on the subclavian artery, which supplies blood to the hands.

The arterial wall is damaged due to this pressure. This causes the injured part of the artery to swell (aneurysm) and blood clots inside it. Acute limb ischemia is caused by blood clotting and clogging of the posterior artery.

The patient came to the doctor with cold hands, acute pain and black/blue finger. In these cases, cutting off the extra bone in the neck along with the operation of the artery is also part of the treatment. Cervical ribs are more for girls than boys.


Sometimes blood also causes acute limb ischemia. If the blood clotting problem (or anemia) is temporarily increased due to a blood clotting problem or for some reason, the blood builds up inside the artery and closes the blood vessels.

Acute Limb Ischemia Symptoms

  •  Sudden pain in the hands or feet becomes cold
  • Hands, feet begin to fade and turn blue
  • Feelings of hands and feet begin to decrease
  • The ability to move is decreasing
  • No pulse is found in the affected part

What happens

The release of Acute Limb ischemia is also very dramatic. Chronic limb ischemia is due to the slowing of blood circulation as the body gets an alternate route or collateral.

Acute lymph ischemia is not available when alternating pathways, the affected part is suddenly almost completely deprived of blood, oxygen, and nutrients. The inevitable consequence of this is the immediate failure of the blood supply.

Understanding acute limb ischemia

Step 1

Understanding acute limb ischemia is the real thing to do. When the patient sees the symptoms, the problem is kept in mind. See, I’m going to leave, it’s a danger. Patient responsibilities go to the nearest hospital or doctor without wasting time.

It is the duty of the physician to diagnose or promptly send the patient to the veterinarian. The issue sent in this country has seen huge problems.

First, many fail to make the diagnosis, but the diagnosis is delayed. The distance of the road is responsible for the poor condition of the communication system.

Time is low – how short

It is not possible to answer the question of how long an arm or leg can remain after the artery is closed. It depends on a lot of things.

The length of time depends on which artery is closed, the role it plays in the blood supply to the hands or feet, whether there is an alternative artery or not.

However, there is an idea called ‘Golden Hour’. It is usually possible to avoid permanent damage if action is taken within this time. The time is 6 hours.

In the case of the foot, the most severe consequence of the sudden closure of the popliteal artery at the back of the knee. In this case, more than eighty percent of the casualties are lost if no timely measures are taken.


Acute Limb is the most effective treatment for ischemia in the closed arteries. In some ways, a closed artery can be operated.


Usually, freezing of blood closes with blood, and embolectomy (embolectomy) is performed by the operation of a blood vessel. For this purpose, a narrow tube called the ‘Fogarty embolectomy catheter’ is used.


Without this operation, a certain type of drug is applied through saline and the bloodstream is introduced by freezing the blood inside the artery. Thrombolysis drugs are not yet available in our country, the cost is too high.

Catheter-directed thrombolysis

It is also a type of thrombolysis. Here also the drugs used in thrombolysis described above are used. The difference is that the drugs used in this case are applied directly to the intestinal tract via the catheter rather than through saline.

In this, the frozen blood flows faster and much better. This is the latest method of purifying the bloodstream and starting a blood vessel. In this procedure, the patient is taken to the cath lab multiple times to see the results of the treatment by angiogram. As a result, the overall medical expenses increase.

Catheter-directed thrombolysis also can read

The risk of major bleeding from the body is 1 percent as a side effect of thrombolysis treatment. Minor bleeding can occur in up to 5% of patients. Stroke can occur in up to 2 percent of patients due to a brain hemorrhage.

In the treatment of acute limb ischemia, the patient is first injected with a special type of heparin (Heparin), which is used to prevent blood clotting.

If the operation or thrombolysis treatment is not possible or delayed to start many times, the treatment is continued only with this drug. Heparin is not a drug to freeze blood, and this drug cannot transmit arteries closed with solid blood.

If it’s late

Acute Limb ischemia patients in our country cannot reach the vascular surgeon in the Golden Hour for various reasons. A large part of them loses a part of their hands or feet.

Acute Limb ischemia is performed before the blood vessels are examined whether the affected part is alive or dead. Even if found alive or dead, an attempt is made to sustain the organs by performing a blood transfusion. In the case of a dead body, that is not the rule. In that case, the dead part should be cut off and discarded.

Pain in the leg and ankle stape 1

He woke up in the morning and got out of bed. He got down on his ankle under the foot. The pain started. He walked for a while in depression. The pain subsided somewhat. Often sitting on a chair, sofa or in a car seat or walking, it felt like a thorn in the floor. After a short walk, the pain subsided but did not go away.

Plantar fasciitis is the main cause of such heel pain or ankle pain. This type of pain is responsible for the inflammation of a special screen on the inside of the foot called the plantar fascia. The disease is chronic, suffering for a long time. In most cases, no cause of inflammation is found. In some cases, the disease is associated with spinal arthritis or gout.

Pain in the leg and ankle stape 2

The disease is more common in people who stand or walk for a long time, such as hotel boys, traffic police or those who run a lot, such as marathon runners. Inflammation of the screen may occur because of the nature of the structure of the foot or if the muscle of the foot is weak. The disease may be associated with several other diseases. In some cases, such symptoms occur when a nerve block near the screen.

Two tests may be needed to determine if there is any other disease. A simple X-ray shows a bone that is growing in place of pain. Its name is Calcanian spar. However, in many cases, this bone does not cause inflammation. The pain is for inflammation. Most patients do not have such a spar. However, the pain and inflammation of those bones, which can grow downward, can be caused by both bones.

Pain in the leg and ankle stape 3

Treatment for this disease – pain and anti-inflammatory drugs should be consumed. Special soft low heel shoes should be worn so that there is no pressure in the place of pain. Special types of shoes can be made by order of doctor’s advice. You shouldn’t walk barefoot. Even at home, you have to walk in shoes. Submerge the legs in hot water and do certain muscle exercises regularly.

Ultrasound therapy or shortwave diathermy helps reduce pain and inflammation. Faradic foot arthritis-specific physiotherapy, which helps in curing diseases in certain cases. Steroid injections may be given in place of pain. As a side effect, there may be an overdose of cough. Ninety percent or more of the patients get better through open treatment.

In many cases, just changing the shoe makes the patient better. Very few patients, who are not well after taking long conservative treatment, may need surgery. However, proper treatment at the initial stage will relieve the disease.

You recently had a back injury

You have numbness

Spinal cord damage can cause permanent paralysis. This is why if you have back pain and numbness (especially in the legs), go to the hospital. According to Frontline, these conditions can often indicate one or more lumbar nerve injuries. These important nerve injuries can lead to complete paralysis if the right action is not taken at the right time. Get to the hospital as fast as possible.

You are losing weight

Rapid, unexpected weight loss is never a good sign. If it has back pain, it can be a symptom of a tumor in the spine. Christopher Kelly and Mark Eisenberg write in their publication ‘Am I Dying?’, “A tumor can weaken vertebrae, which can cause fractures and pain, and it can strain the spinal cord and its branches – resulting in weakness, incontinence and many other diseases can be caused. If you have a family history of cancer or if you are a heavy smoker, get a doctor’s evaluation as soon as possible. Some tumors start in the spine, but they can spread to other places, such as lung, breast, kidney and prostate cancer. Because of this, the doctor should seek refuge as soon as possible.

Your pain wakes you up at night

In many cases, back pain resulting from abuse or loss is better when you rest. But if you wake up regularly because of back pain, there may be symptoms of something less severe, such as benign tumors. If you have a loss of appetite, fever, or weakness or numbness with pain, evaluate it now by a doctor.

You have stomach pain

In rare cases, general back pain can migrate to the stomach. But stomach pain can often be felt in the back, which means that your back pain originates from the stomach. An abdominal aortic aneurysm is a severe condition of the stomach. Acute lower back pain can be a symptom of an increased aorta (aorta) in the abdomen, called an abdominal aortic aneurysm, said. Stickers. If your pain is severe and persistent, go to the hospital.

You have spasms and pelvic pain in your back

If you do not have back pain and have spasms instead, you may have had kidney stones. If this happens, you may notice some blood in your urine. Go to the hospital and diagnose and treat it. You may be given ivy to remove this stone.

You have osteoporosis

If you know you have osteoporosis and if you suddenly have back pain, then you probably have fractures in your vertebrae. Common causes include recent falls, heavy lifting, or even a strong cough. The pain goes away on its own, but if not, the doctor will need to be seen. You may need a procedure called vertebroplasty, where the cement is injected to strengthen the vertebrae.

The benefits of running to reduce the risk of disease

Currently, doctors often advise patients to run regularly. Thas way we recommend for you some Best Foot Massager For Runners. Because it is such a medicine that is the key to curing almost all diseases. Reduces the risk of breast cancer, especially for women. Regular morning running will keep you out of stroke and diabetes. So to stay healthy, we have to do all this trouble. Run regularly and stay healthy.

Benefits of running to lose weight

We do not do much to lose weight. Running is an essential part of the exercise. Running the rules every morning or afternoon helps us shed extra calories. Develop a habit of running daily to lose weight. You will understand the amazing results within a month.

Benefits of running to reduce stress

Stress in mind is usually for mental or health problems. Mental stress can reduce appetite and sleepiness. Besides, there can be major health consequences. The only way to get rid of it is to run regularly. Because when you run, excess body energy and hormones increase. It helps reduce headaches.

Overnight legs ‘bite’. As a result, sleep is not the same.

Some people spend the night in the ‘cuffs’ of the feet or in the back muscles and on the feet with severe pain. There is no pain all day, it hurts at night. Occasionally, the pain also develops in the thighs. Sometimes the intensity of the pain increases so much that you have to jump out of sleep, tighten your muscles. Starting from a few minutes to overnight, the pain can go away.

Seasonal change

Assistant Professor of the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Alberta. Stock Garrison said, “Such foot pain is more common in summer and winter. The cause of this is neurological problems, not muscle problems. During the summer, vitamin D levels are high because nerve growth and loss are more active. When vitamin D reaches the highest levels, this process is extremely rapid, this can lead to pain.

Dementia: Anemia can be another cause of nighttime foot pain. Lack of water causes the blood to ‘balance’ with electrolytes, causing pain. So you can drink water if you have pain in the legs at night.

Old age: If you have regular foot pain at the age of five, then it is more likely to have complications of aging. The nerves associated with movement begin to fade when the age is approaching fifty. As a result, the pain becomes normal.

Nutritional deficiency

A major cause of this type of pain is the lack of essential nutrients. Calcium, magnesium, and potassium should be taken care of so that the body is sufficient.

Strenuous Exercise: In the gym routine, the day you focus on ‘leg day’ i.e. foot exercises, you are more likely to have foot pain at night.

‘According to a study published in the journal Current Sport Medicine Reports, “it can cause pain if you are tired due to overuse of a particular muscle.”

Standing: If you spend most of the day standing, it is quite normal to have foot pain that night. One of the reasons may be that the fluid and blood accumulate in the lower part of the body while standing for long periods of time, causing loss of body fluid balance and pain.

Health complications: Arthritis, diabetes, high blood pressure, or even depression can lead to foot pain. Studies show that these complications have a detrimental effect on the nerves, resulting in leg pain.

Best Foot Massager For Runners as Pregnancy: If you are pregnant, you may have problems with your blood circulation or leg pain due to weight gain.

According to the American Pregnancy Association, a growing baby in the womb can also cause leg pain due to the pressure on the mother’s nerves.

Increases confidence level

Running does not mean physical well-being. Rather, it can also heal you mentally. Regular racing raises our confidence level. Running relieves our stress and focuses on work.

Find out who is at higher risk of arthritis –

  • Increases the chances of arthritis as you get older.
  • Women are more prone to this disease than men for physiological and hormonal reasons.
  • This risk is especially high during or after menopause.
  • Excess weight increases the risk of arthritis.
  • If you have a joint injury or another disease, then you are more likely to suffer arthritis later.

In order to stay healthy, it is not enough to cure after the disease. You need to prepare as much as possible beforehand, to know what the risk of a disease is, how to stay good if you do it. The same is true for arthritis. So be aware of this today.

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